You can eat vegetarian at Leghorn Chicken (!)

First off, shout out to Heidi Hageman for inviting me to breakfast at Leghorn. If it weren’t for this invite, I never would have checked the place out or even looked at the menu because–let’s be real guys– IT’S A CHICKEN PLACE. My six years of vegetarianism have taught me that it is no use getting my hopes up for more than a garden salad at these establishments, but a free breakfast at Leghorn Cafe in River North changed my mind.

For breakfast you NEED to get a biscuit sammie: fresh, hot, flaky dough sandwiched around a hot fried egg and some cheese. I opted out of the cheese that morning because cheddar isn’t really my thang, but it still did the trick, especially when washed down with piping hot Stumptown coffee. Yes.

Leghorn biscuit      Leghorn coffee

Other breakfast options include a Greek yogurt parfait, cheddar tots, an egg breakfast combo (you can pass on the meat selection), and most importantly: local doughnut of the day. HEART EYES. If you’re there for lunch you can grab the organic kale salad with shaved veggies, quinoa, and blue cheese or some artisanal pickles. Steer clear of the fries, though, because they are fried in chicken fat!

Any-WHO thanks Leghorn!

Leghorn Chicken has two locations: the cafe in River North (600 N. Lasalle St) and the restaurant in Ukrainian Village (959 N. Western Ave.)